I’ve been told that the first post on a blog should introduce the writer, establish her voice, and describe what she plans to write about. That’s rather scary. But OK, let’s give it a try.

I put some stuff about me on the “Concerning Miss Dove” page here, rather more than I think anyone will care to read. But as for voice – wow. If I write like I talk, I’d be something like:
Wow! Hey, look, you’re here! I can’t believe it, a visitor. Hope you have fun here. But actually, I’m probably doing all this babbling into thin air, or talking to myself, or something. Useless gestures. Got to have something as a first post, though! The “Hello World” default thingie looks ridiculous.

Maybe I should try something between that and the somewhat pedantic way of speaking I get into when I’m typing. As in this paragraph.

As for what I’m going to talk about, that, at least, is easy. Mostly I’ll be talking about the art and craft of writing. I’ll also talk about the Regency period, and for variety, I’ll toss in whatever books or movies are possessing me.

If you’re reading this and thinking “She’s nuts”, that’s great. I won’t dare hope for “interesting” – “nuts” is fine. If you care to comment on this or any post, I’ll dance with glee.



2 comments on “Enter Miss Dove, with a curtsy

  • My Dear Ms. Dove,

    It is with wonder and delight that I find myself in the extremely fortuitous event to be amongst, dare I say it, the very first person to comment on your extremely witty and eminently entertaining blog, knowing full well your excellent relationship with Mr. Brummel, the arbiter of fashion. From the depths of my admiration, I send you the most felicitous wishes on this new endeavor.

    I remain your true friend and admirer.


  • *dies*

    I mean… You respond in the correct form with much talent, Miss Pamela. I am flattered by your kind attention.

    *leaving the room because I can’t keep a straight face*


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