I have neglected this blog. Unpardonably.

I have no writing news to report, except that I recently got a royalty check! Not huge, not even big, but it paid a bill. 🙂

Otherwise, my personal life has been rather busy lately. Here’s the info in bullets, so you can skim if you wish:

  • Work: There has been a lot of turnover at work. Luckily, amongst the co-workers who remain, there’s no one who doesn’t carry her own weight plus help out with the other stuff, so we’re staggering along.
  • Retirement: I am so excited – I will be able to retire at the end of next January. I’m so obsessed that I have a little countdown program on my desktop. I’ve done the bulk of the paperwork and now must only wait. Just think of it – no more alarm clocks, no more 4+ hour commute. Time to write. All the sleep I want. (Oh yeah, and poverty.)
  • Roomie: My roomie, as some of you may know, is a semi-invalid from a stroke caused by a brain aneurysm. She’s doing fine and progressing, but she can’t walk without her walker yet, so I’ve had a lot more work to do around the old homestead. Hence having little time to post here.
  • New car: My beloved Honda Civic has finally been replaced. We bought that car new in 1998, and it had gone 339,000+ miles with almost no major repair. However, three years ago the AC broke, and I didn’t think I could do another Texas summer with no AC and all the extra work. Plus, over the past year, other things have malfunctioned – the speedometer, the interior light, the driver’s power window and lock, etc. So we figured it was time. Here is a pic with me and the new car. It’s a Kia Soul, and I’m crazy about it.

Anyway, that should catch you up with my life lately, which has been more interesting than I’d like!