Harry’s story has a tentative title at last – The Wynters: Harriet Disguised. Here are the cover and the blurbs:


Short blurb:

When Harriet Wynter learns that her brother Sebastian is in trouble, she dashes to his rescue, dressed as a boy. Almost immediately her ruse is uncovered by a man she accidentally falls in with, Lord Ashurst. Together, the two of them try to find the kidnapped Sebastian, but just when they begin making progress, her boy’s disguise is threatened with exposure, and she faces the consequences of possible scandal.


Long blurb:

Harriet and Sebastian Wynter had an adventurous and unorthodox upbringing, so it’s no surprise that Sebastian would dash off to Kent with a suspicious-looking character who might have the last possessions of their parents, who died in a shipwreck two years ago. It’s also no surprise, although scandalous, that when she learns that he is in trouble, Harry sets out to rescue Sebastian, but dressed as a boy.

Her disguise serves her well for a short time, until accident, or Fate, brings her together with Lord Ashurst. Ash is determined to help the young person he thinks is a runaway schoolboy, preferably by taking him back to his parents. However, he quickly discovers that Harry is female. Because he can’t talk her out of trying to rescue her brother, he agrees to help her, keeping her secret.

Sebastian is indeed in trouble. One of the treasures in his parents’ trunks is a cask with a cipher lock, and he is kidnapped to force him to open it. The resourceful Sebastian tries to keep Harry out of danger, and he escapes his captors, but before he can warn Harry, he’s re-captured.

Ash and Harry search the countryside together, but even as they make progress toward rescuing Sebastian, a different danger arises – the possible exposure of Harry as a girl and the scandal of her traveling alone with Ashurst. Their guardian aunt, worried about Harry’s disappearance, has sent two servants to Kent to find her, and they come to the inn where Harry and Ash are staying. Four of Ash’s friends, trying to find him, arrive at the inn as well. Then, to top it all off, Ash’s mother stops for a rest at the same inn, accompanied by the young lady she wants Ash to marry.

Added to the comical confusion is a heartbreak for Harry. She overhears Ash, with whom she’s fallen in love, confess that he must marry her to save her reputation. That is an offer she will never accept, even when Ash begs her to believe that he truly loves her.