I’ve added two fantastic new resources to my Resources page.

The first is Regency History, a blog by author Rachel Knowles. I discovered this site when I was trying to find a trivial fact (i.e., the year Brummell left the Hussars). I’d looked in my usual places with no luck, which I thought was bad luck until a search turned up Regency History. The posts are entertaining and short, sometimes too short for me, but they’re great to read and are accompanied by very good images. She writes about nearly everything, from stately homes to biographies to fashion to… well, just about anything. She lives in England, and much of her research is done hands-on.

The second treasure is for writers. Romancing the Beat by author Gwen Hayes is a small book packed with insight. I have long struggled with using my usual outlining tools with my romances. This book gives an outline and beat sheet specifically for the genre, and it’s packed with common sense. For example, she points out one major difference between romances and other books, that there are always two protagonists, and she also states that if you don’t have a happy ending, you may have written a good book but you have not written a romance. Her tone is light and breezy. If you use Scrivener, she has a useful (and free!) template for you.