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Crush your High Ticket Limiting Beliefs

high ticket group program inspiration Feb 20, 2024

It is pretty scary to transition to selling a High Ticket Group Program.  Especially if you have never charged high ticket before.

Your clients will enroll in your High Ticket Group Program because you have clearly articulated your unique methodology to solve a painful problem in their life or business.  They are confident you can help them get the end result they are looking for. 

However, in the very beginning, as you are deciding the details of your High Ticket Group Program, imposter syndrome may rear its ugly head. 

Even though you have demonstrated the ability to get results for yourself, or others in the past, a lot of limiting beliefs might make you feel unsure of your expertise. 

  • You may start doubting whether people will actually pay high-ticket for your expertise.
  • You may doubt if you can get your clients results for your clients in a group setting. 

The number-one thing I need you to know right now is that YES YOU CAN and that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Every single person that has created a High Ticket Group Program experiences this when they set out to transition from coaching one-on-one to one-to-many.


Take a look around at ALL the other High Ticket Group Coaches in your niche, that are making six or seven figures in their business.

Every single coach out there who is an expert and is amazing at what they do has had the exact same thoughts you are having right now.

So the next time you start feeling insecure about charging high ticket for your program I want you to think back to all the clients you have helped in the past.

My guess is that you REALLY are qualified enough to charge high ticket for a program that provides your clients with life or business changing end results.




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