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Why I Am So Grateful for the Failures in My Online Business

Some of the things we do in our online business such as launching a new program, presenting on a webinar, or running paid ads may work as planned and are a tremendous success. 
However, they may also be an incredibly disappointing failure causing you to doubt yourself and maybe even throw in the towel on your online business.  (Ask me how I know this!)
Having made a living online since 1999, I am sure that I would win a prize for all of my failures!  In fact, I would probably win a blue ribbon as I would be in first place with the amount of failures I've experienced.
As you continue reading, you will discover how I went from being disappointed, frustrated, (and sometimes angry) with my failures to being proud and incredibly grateful for these failures. 
I am sharing this with you because you may have just experienced an epic failure and need to hear what I have to say.  I want to shortcut your path to success in your online business.
Over the course of the last 20 years, I now realize that ignoring my failures was worse than the failure itself! 
That's right!  Let me repeat myself.........
Ignoring my failures was a worse than the failure itself!
I learned that to build a successful online business, I could not pretend my failures didn't happen, and sweep them under the rug.  (I was doing that SO much that my rugs actually turned into speed bumps!) 
Instead, I needed to check my ego at the door, roll up my sleeves, and figure out what caused my failures.
I'd like to share two things that I learned and implemented that I hope will help you become grateful for your failures, and increased success in your online business.

We've all heard that we need to "learn from our mistakes".  That phrase is thrown about quite a bit, but it is SO easier said than done, right? 
When I made mistakes, my tendency was to be discouraged and embarrassed. 
I had to learn the hard way that I needed to discuss and dissect, in great detail every aspect of the failure with the most important person in my online business so that "they" could learn from "their" mistakes. 
I quickly discovered, that very important person was ME!
After experiencing a failure, I got into the practice of scheduling a meeting on my calendar with me, myself and I.  
I would pick up the rug I had swept the failure under, pull it out, swallow my pride and examine everything involved. 
I would look at my programs, my processes, my marketing, my customers, etc.  I would look for any opportunity possible to learn from my mistakes so that I could leverage that information as I moved forward in my business.
I also had to change my mindset to be more positive.  Instead of calling what went wrong a "mistake", I would call it a learning opportunity
Once I started doing this, I looked forward to diving in to my failures so I could see what learning opportunities awaited me! 

Trust me, due to the number of failures I've experienced, I've had more than enough opportunities to learn how to reframe my mistakes into learning opportunities.
This helped me quickly discover why I was SO grateful for these failures.
Once I mastered squeezing every possible learning opportunity out of each of my failures I began to experience more success in my online business.
I know for certain that those scheduled, one on one "Come on, let's get real, Catherine" meetings (in bright red) on my calendar contributed to my online business successes.  
In other words, I strongly believe that the massive successes that I have experienced would NOT have happened if it were not for the epic failures I had that I refused to ignore and sweep under the rug. 
I actually NEEDED to experience failure in order to succeed.  When I had a failure, I was simply checking the box on what DIDN'T work and was one step closer to what DID work! 
As I run my online business now, I get really excited when I experience failures because I learn so many things that I will contribute to my next great success which is just around the corner. 

Will you join me in a toast to your next failure?
I sincerely hope you fail hard and fast!  I know that this the key to your online business success.
You've got this, and success in your online business is right around the corner, my friend!