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How to Create an Onboarding Process for your Customers

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Online Courses and Membership Sites
Members MasterClass Description:
You have worked SO hard to build your audience and create and sell valuable online programs that help people create a better business or live a better life. It is not easy, but you've done it!

In this Members MasterClass, I want to help you increase the likelihood that your customers will get results from your online programs, prevent buyer's remorse to help you minimize the refund requests you receive.

I am going to do that by teaching you how to create a new customer onboarding process for people that purchase your online courses, signature programs, membership sites, group coaching programs, etc.

Your new customer onboarding process should include a very warm welcome and include a strategic onboarding process to help them find their way around, and start engaging in your online program.

In this Members MasterClass, you will learn all of the above and walk away with actionable items you can put into place immediately in your customer onboarding process.

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