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Well, hello and thank you for joining me for another episode of the Modern Day Expert Podcast™ today.

I want to help you with one of the biggest decisions that you'll need to make when you start your online business. You need to select and purchase your tech stack in order to build out the online assets that you'll need in your online business.

Now, what the heck is a tech stack, you ask? I mean, just the sound of those words, tech stack...that is a little intimidating, isn't it?

A tech stack is simply the set of technologies, software and tools that you will absolutely need in order to build the assets in your online business.

After creating my own online businesses for the last 20 years and then helping others create theirs for the past five years, I know without a doubt that technology can hold people back from getting started and can also slow them down along the way.

So let's talk about the kind of online assets that you are going to need in order to build out your online business, OK?

For starters, you'll need a website where people can find you and learn more about what you offer on this website. You need to build authority and credibility by publishing valuable content and also have something that you can give away that's really valuable in exchange for your website visitor's email address.

Next, you're going to need an email service provider in order to collect those email addresses so that you can build an email list of your raving fans and ideal clients and then be able to communicate with your prospects and customers.

You are also going to need a place to protect, host and deliver your online programs. This is where your customers will consume your online content. It's where you're going to deliver your training videos, your worksheets, your workshops, etc.

You are also going to need a sales page that develops the need for your online programs and explains what it is that you're offering and has a great big buy now button on it.

And of course, once people click on that "buy now" button, you need a way to for your customers to be able to pay you for your online programs. So you're going to need a shopping cart connected to a merchant account to process credit card payments from your customers.

Now, back in the day when I started the technology to accomplish everything I just mentioned was extremely complicated, not to mention very, very expensive. After years of me delivering my message as I traveled across the country when I was a trainer and a speaker, I was really determined to figure out how to share my expertise online so I could be a stay at home mom. And unfortunately, there were no turnkey All-In-One tools like there are available to us today.

But I was so determined to figure out how to sell what I knew online.

I paid a programmer in India over sixty thousand dollars to figure out all the tech tools that I needed, create some from scratch and build a platform that I could use to create and sell and deliver my online programs. 

It was so clunky, really, really, really ugly and needed duct tape to patch all kinds of tools and services together. 

It literally broke all of the time, which when it did break, it was really expensive to figure out what broke in to fix it. And it caused a lot of frustration for myself and my customers.

But in the end, guess what? 

None of that mattered because I was able to monetize my expertise online while I was at home spending precious time with my kiddos. Now, the good news is that you, my friend, will never, ever have to endure all the technology expenses and frustrations that I did in today's episode. I'm going to share with you one online business tool* that is ridiculously inexpensive and makes it super easy to run your online business.

So instead of spending sixty thousand dollars like I did, you can get started right now for under one hundred and fifty dollars a month. And even better, you don't have to hire a developer because you can do everything yourself. In fact, you won't even need to purchase any duct tape because the tool I'm going to share with you is an all in one tool, which means that all you have to do is log in to a single dashboard to create and run your entire online business.

It really is that easy.

OK, can I get a drumroll? Are you ready to get rid of the fear of technology once and for all so that you can finally start selling what you know online?  I know you are. 

All right. So the all in one business tool that I use to create and sell my expertise online is called Kajabi*. I discovered Kajabi in 2013 and I have been ever so grateful for that discovery. Kajabi will help you become a #moderndayexpert much easier than you ever dreamed possible.

In addition to making it really easy to run your online business, Kajabi saves you a lot of money. If you were to individually purchase all of the tech tools and services that you need to run your online business and sell what you know online, you'd have to go through the complicated process of hooking tools up so they can talk to each other.

When you do all of that, you would easily pay eight times what Kajabi costs, and that doesn't even take into consideration how much it would cost to pay someone to do all the tech set up for you. Never mind the fact that it would likely break and you'd have to pay somebody to figure out what broke and fix that.

Kajabi has over fifty thousand loyal customers now, and they've been around since 2010. They provide the most amazing support that I have ever experienced with any software program I've used. And I've been using so many software programs over the last 20 years, you won't need to hire people to help you build your online business because they offer daily webinars, Q&A calls, live chat support, and also incredibly detailed training and tutorials.

And not even to mention that they have an Official Kajabi Facebook User Group with over twenty five thousand users at the time of me recording this podcast that are all actively helping each other so you can really get help running your online business 24/7. All right.

So now I'm going to dive right in and share with you the main features of Kajabi*, along with some miscellaneous features that will help you build the online business of your dreams.

First, your website, you can build your entire website in Kajabi, this includes common features like your home page about page, your contact page, your work with me page and any other pages that you would want on your website.

Your website on Kajabi is also where people will log in to access to online products and programs of yours that they purchase.

You don't need any coding experience and you don't have to pay exorbitant prices to website developers because Kajabi includes beautiful, professionally designed website themes that you can customize when setting up your website. There's quite a few to choose from and they're always adding new themes. And you can also choose to just start from scratch as well.

Kajabi's website also includes a highly customizable blog so that you can build authority on your website with blog posts while implementing a search engine optimization strategy for your online business.

You also don't need to pay for hosting because that's included with Kajabi, so Kajabi hosts your website, you simply register your domain name somewhere like GoDaddy and then you set it up with Kajabi.

So by default, your Kajabi website is going to point to a Kajabi domain in my case. And the example would be But you can also use your own custom domain, which I did. So I use

Kajabi* also provides a free SSL certificate for your website, which is enabled by default on all of your website pages. So that's that little lock that you see up in the browser so that people know that your website is secure and they feel comfortable entering their credit card information.

Kajabi also includes their page builder, this allows you to build gorgeous pre-built pages with the visual drag and drop builder and these pages, you can use them as as part of your website, for example, your about page. Or you can also use these pages for your sales pages, for your online programs, thank you pages, your landing pages where you have a lead magnets or free offers that people can opt into, pages for people to register for your webinars, etc. In addition to the pre-built pages, you can also build your pages from scratch. And both the Kajabi website and the pages that you build are fully mobile responsive. 

All right, so moving on to the website feature the Kajabi has now, I want to talk about how Kajabi makes it easy for you to modernize your expertise through their products.  You can modernize your expertise in a variety of formats, such as ebooks, digital downloads, online courses, membership sites, signature programs, coaching paid workshops, etc. And again, Kajabi* refers to these as products and we are able to modernize our expertise and put it in a variety of containers, if you will.

Kajabi builds out a product for you that lets your customers consume all of your content, such as training videos, audio, text downloads, for example, worksheets, transcripts, etc..

It's really easy to upload all of your content into Kajabi. It's pretty straightforward. You can either upload it from your desktop or from Dropbox or Google Drive. Kajabi uses Wistia to host all of your videos, but you don't pay Wistia and Wistia is a very expensive video hosting company that's included in your subscription with Kajabi. You can upload an unlimited amount of videos, not only in your products, like your online courses and membership sites, but also on your website, on your landing pages, on your blog, etc.

All right, another feature that Kajabi has in the product section, it's called Blueprints. You can create your online products from scratch or use Kajabi's Blueprints. This is a product generator where with just the click of a button, Kajabi will create the product of your choice, like an online course, membership coaching program, etc., using common frameworks.

All you have to do is add your content. So you literally pick what kind of product you want to create. The product generator builds it out and then you just add your videos and content.

Kajabi also has (just like with the website), you also have themes for your products, you have access at at the time of this recording to 12 unique, professionally designed product themes. All you have to do is add your images, your brand colors and your fonts.

Of course, in addition to the content I mentioned earlier, your videos, your worksheets, etc., the product theme is the look and the feel and the design of your product.

Kajabi also offers a product called Community. Often times, experts want to include a community to complement their online courses, memberships and coaching programs instead of using a Facebook group, which is what many online business owners do, Kajabi gives you the alternative to have a private online community. That way, you have full control over the branding of your community.

You can bundle and include a community with one of your other products, or you can even offer a standalone community. You can charge for it or you can offer your community for free.

Kajabi also provides an excellent, excellent user experience, Kajabi products provide a great user experience for your customers and even allows you to track their progress.

And then lastly, in the product area, what I wanted to share with you is the library that you'll have. Kajabi makes it really easy for your customers to access your online products you offer. They simply go to your website and they log in to their library and that is where all of their products are displayed. And not only can they access the products they own that they've purchased from you, you can cross-sell other products in the library. All right, so we talked about the website that Kajabi gives you and how Kajabi makes it really easy to create your products.

Now, I want to talk to you about sales, about collecting the money. Collecting money from our customers for online products really could not be any easier with Kajabi.

You simply need to set up a merchant account such as Stripe or PayPal that integrates with Kajabi. Kajabi includes a shopping cart. All you have to do is decide what you want to charge for your online product and then customize the checkout page with your logo, your colors, product images, testimonials, etc.

Here's where the magic happens once your customer purchases your online product, Kajabi will automatically send them their login credentials and they can then log into their into your website and they can see their products in the library.

All of this is automated and Kajabi also stores your customers credit card in their profile. So when you make other offers to them or they see other offers in the library, if you're doing any cross-selling, they can purchase those products with just one click so they don't have to enter all their credit card information again.

Kajabi also allows you to bundle your products together and sell them, so, for example, if you have multiple courses, you can sell them individually or you can bundle several of them together and sell them. Or if you wanted to offer, say, an online course or a group coaching program and bundle that with the community, you can bundle those together as well. 

Kajabi also lets you charge a one time fee for your online products or set up a payment plan and also recurring subscriptions and all of that is automated through Kajabi and you can even use coupons with Kajabi as well.

Now, a really important point to note is that Kajabi does not take any percentage of the revenue that you are earning from your online products, so you simply pay your annual or monthly subscription. Kajabi doesn't take any of your revenue. 

So we talked about your website, your online products, and we talked about collecting money. Now, let's talk about marketing as a #moderndayexpert in order to monetize our expertise online. We have to be able to market our online businesses and our online programs. You probably guessed by now that, yes, Kajabi makes marketing easy for us as well. So are you starting to see what I love Kajabi so much?

Kajabi gives us the tools that we need to build our email list by providing us with templated pages, with option forms so that we can turn our organic or our page traffic into email subscribers.

And from there, we can nurture our email subscribers by sending out broadcast emails, using Kajabi's, gorgeous email templates, or we can create or emails from scratch. We can even send out automated email sequences or campaigns tagging people based on the actions they take. So basically, Kajabi offers us a fully functional email service provider, and normally you would have to pay a lot of money for that if you had an external email service provider.

Kajabi also includes pre-made funnels that they refer to as pipelines, so you can import these funnels or pipelines into your account with the click of a button.

What happens is that Kajabi will build out a series of landing pages, sales pages and email sequences to help you sell your programs, market your events, etc.  All you have to do is add your personalization or add your customization to these funnels in terms of the content in the emails that are going to go out and what is on the pages. So pre-made funnels or pipelines are a great feature of Kajabi.

Also, if you want to offer live or automated webinars, as part of your marketing to build trust and sell your online products, Kajabi has you covered there too.

You can set up webinars that people can register for and it will Kajabi will automatically send out reminder emails and follow up emails and post the video as well, or the the live webinar that you're doing.

All right, so we talked about your website, we talked about your products, we talked about selling them and collecting money, we talked about marketing.

Now I want to talk about how Kajabi helps you take great care of the people that you're bringing into your online business.

Inside of Kajabi, we have a CRM where we can manage and see all the activities related to each person.

For example, we can see the main contact information for each person to include when they became a subscriber to our email list or when they became a member or a customer. We can add any notes inside of the person's record as well, any information that we might want to reference in the future. We can see what emails were sent and which emails they opened, we can see their product purchase history.

We can also grant access and revoke access to any products that they currently have access to. And we can also tag segment and filter subscribers and customers using any criteria that we want. And we can also import contacts from other systems that we might be using and import them into Kajabi. 

All right, so now I want to talk about some additional features. I just shared with you. Kajabi is adding new features all of the time. And by the way, they never charge more when they add new features, in fact, based on their past history that I personally had with them. What you're paying, what you sign up for and what you're paying for, that's what you will continue to pay in the future, even when they add new features. So if they're going to do a price increase, they would only do it on new users. At least that's what their history has been. 

So here are some additional features that you might be interested in.

Kajabi has assessments that allow us to create engaging quizzes or surveys so that we can better understand our customers, so we could use these assessments when somebody first enters our world to learn more about them. Or perhaps we want to put assessments inside of our products to see if people are understanding our content and what we're teaching them.

Kajabi also has some pretty amazing automations and segmentation. So without getting into too much detail on automations, because those can be a little complicated. An example would be if you set up an email sequence, when somebody signs up to your email list and you're sending out an email sequence, a series of automated emails. And part of what's in those emails is the offer to buy your online course. Well, let's say after email three, they purchase it, Kajabi will automatically remove them from that series of email so they won't continue to get emails asking them to buy your online course.

Kajabi also lets you upload an unlimited amount of videos anywhere in the platform so you can post videos on your website, your blog posts, your pages and inside your products. There are also video analytics so you can track different metrics like the engagement rate, the play rate, etc. And you can also analyze how students engage with your videos and where they drop off using the visual engagement viewer and the video heat maps that Kajabi provides us.

Kajabi also provides us with a complimentary mobile app so we can have our customers download a mobile app when they log in, they will be able to see all of our online products they purchase from us from their mobile phone. They can also see the Community that you might have offered as well from their mobile phone and get notifications on their phone. 

Another feature that Kajabi has is an affiliate program, so this allows others to earn an affiliate commission when they share your online programs with people, and Kajabi also gives your affiliates a portal that they can log into so they can see all of the people landing on the sales page, the conversions, the sales, etc.

Kajabi also provides analytics to us on our dashboard to help us track the most important analytics in our online business, which allows us to make data driven decisions.

So, for example, we can view our website in our page activity, our sales page conversions, our monthly recurring revenue, our average revenue per user, our churn rate, etc.

We also have access to individual reports. We can use different filters to look at different reports by date or by offer by product. And we can even switch from a daily view to weekly to monthly or yearly view.

And the last feature I want to share with you is integrations. So I believe you can run your entire business on Kajabi. But sometimes and I know (and in my case) there might be some other neat tools out there that you would like to use as well. So Kajabi allows us to integrate with other business tools.

They have a number of native integrations where Kajabi will automatically talk to this other tool. Or, you can use a program called Zapier, to zap information between Kajabi and other tools. 

All right, so in closing, now that I have shared with you how amazing Kajabi is, and how you can easily and affordably run your entire online business with it.

I have to be honest with you, I'm a little concerned that you might not be too happy with me right now if you've been holding back on building an online business because you were afraid of the technology involved. Well, I'm nervous because I've just taken that excuse off the table. So that's why I'm thinking you might not be too happy with me. 

However, maybe it is time that you just trust yourself that, yes, you can do this, you can tackle and overcome any technology fears that you have and you can save money while doing it.

I know that you can do it because I've done it and I've helped others do it. And the message that you have to deliver to the world is too important for you to to be hanging on to it just because you're scared of technology.

If you want to check Kajabi* out yourself to see how amazing it is and check it out, absolutely free. I have an affiliate link that you can use to sign up for a free trial. If you sign up through my link, you'll pay the exact same amount as you would if you signed up directly on the Kajabi site.

I've included the link here in the show notes. Or you can go to my website and go to to sign up for a free Kajabi trial*. Again, you can go to And when you do that, be sure to send me an email if you sign up through my link because I have a special gift for you.

I will share a free Step-By-Step training program that I created that will walk you through how to run your online business using Kajabi and set up all of your online products.

I sure hope that you found this episode of the Modern Day Expert™ Podcast helpful and you're not too upset with me :) and that it gets you one step closer to modernizing your expertise and monetizing it online. After all, I have just taken that excuse that you've been telling yourself off the table you can do this.

All right, everybody, I will see you on the next episode. Have a great rest of your day.

*This is my Kajabi affiliate link. Be sure to send me an email at [email protected] if you use it so I can send you the free Kajabi training program!