Meet Reanna Werner, MBA

modern day experts Mar 21, 2020

Meet #moderndayexpert, Reanna Werner, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Reanna is the founder of HR Branches where she takes HR from Hassle to "Handled" so that HR is accessible and affordable for Colorado small businesses.

Reanna is innovator who is ready to bring professional HR to small business.  She has a 20+-year human resources and recruiting career, and the unique ability to experience many markets and industries through the “HR eye”. 

The demand for easy to access HR services for small businesses became prevalent when her husband opened up his CPA firm, and was constantly asked HR questions by his small business clients.

She quickly realized that small businesses have been left behind in the world of HR.  Now, she has made it her life's work to fix that by founding

With Catherine's selfless expertise, she mentored and taught me the strategy and structure I needed as I created my signature program, HR Branches Online. Catherine is one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs I have ever met and she helped me marry technology and personalized consulting to give small businesses the HR relief they need.

Reanna Werner


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