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List Building
Members MasterClass Description:
Are you ready to start selling more of your online courses, signature programs, membership offerings, group coaching, etc.?

There might be something VERY important that you are overlooking in your business >> List Building & Email Marketing

Growing your email list is important so that you can implement email marketing strategies in your business which absolutely critical to selling your online programs and services, and building a profitable Online Expert Business.

In order to do that, you have GOT to have a CORE Lead Magnet to build your email list so you can implement sound email marketing strategies.

It's not sexy, or exciting, but email marketing is MORE important than social media, and other things you may be spending your time on. Email marketing is actually non-negotiable. Your email list is one of the most valuable assets in your Online Expert Business.

This brings us back to the importance of having a CORE Lead Magnet in your business so you are ALWAYS list building. It is important that your CORE Lead Magnet is well thought out, attracts the right people, and leads to the sales of your online programs and services.

In this Members MasterClass you will learn:
  • Why You Need ONE Main Core Lead Magnet in your Business
  • Important Elements of a High Converting Lead Magnet
  • The Best Types of Core Lead Magnets (Examples shared)
  • How to Make Your Core Lead Magnet the FOCUS of your Website
  • How to Drive Organic (Free) Traffic to your Core Lead Magnet

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