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Youtube Jumpstart with Guest Expert Iacopo Di Luigi

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This Members MasterClass will give you a jump start and strong foundation for your Youtube Channel!  

Our guest expert is Iacopo Di Luigi.  He and his wife have grown their YouTube channel Lazy Dancer Tips to 193K subscribers.

Iacopo helps entrepreneurs grow their Youtube Channels to acquire new clients without running expensive ads

👉 Click here to visit Iacopo's website

You will learn:
  • How the Youtube platform works
  • How to optimize your content for searches
  • Learn how to structure your content that you your ideal client will want to watch

 Meet our Guest Expert: Iacopo Di Liugi

Iacopo was born in Florence - Italy. Computers and films shaped his interest in creating art and telling stories from an early age.

He has 15+ years of experience in the world of visual effects for cinema and television, he started from small studios in Italy to end up working directly for Peter Jackson with his creative team and concluded his career in London where he spent 10 years managing Computer Graphic teams for big productions in the most prestigious companies.

Right before the pandemic hit in 2020 he was able to comfortably quit his job, dedicate himself full time to his passion project with his wife and now helping young online entrepreneurs walk the same path he walked to achieve a better lifestyle, a better income and more fulfillment by sharing his knowledge and strategies through online coaching and courses.