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How to Create a Value Stack for Your Website & Sales Pages [Workshop Replay]

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Join Certified StoryBrand Guide, Russ Stalters, and myself to learn how to increase conversions on your website, and sales pages.

One of the critical sections you need on your website or sales page is something that explains the value you will deliver for your customer when they buy your product or service. This section is known as a Value Stack and is the part of your page that explains the three significant benefits they will get.

During this free training Russ Stalters, Certified StoryBrand Guide, will show you how to create the Value Stack for your website or sales page, talk about other ways you can use this powerful marketing component, and take your questions.

About Russ Stalters
Russ is a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

Russ Stalters was the guy BP selected for the information and data management strategy after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Day after day...
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Should I create an Online Course or a Membership Site? [Workshop Replay]

 About This Workshop

If you have been considering creating a digital product so you can monetize your expertise you have probably considered creating an online course or a membership site. Or, maybe both!

There are quite a few variables to consider when making the right choice for you, your potential customers and your online business.

Join me in this free workshop where I will walk you through the main differences between an online course and a membership site.

We will walk through the pros and cons of both so you know which one makes sense for you. We will also cover the income opportunities for both of them so you can make an educated decision on which one makes sense for you.

Next, we will work together and answer any questions you have and discuss what you are considering creating in your business so you can get feedback from all of the workshop attendees.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear understanding on the differences between these two digital products and...
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How to Validate your Online Course Idea [MasterClass Replay]


If you are considering creating an online course, I highly recommend that you validate your course idea BEFORE you create it. So many people spend a lot of time and money creating their online course and then are extremely disappointed when they are not able to sell it.

Once they realize no one is purchasing their online course, they second guess what they are charging for it, or spend a lot of money trying to market it. When in fact, the reality may be that there is not a need, or market for the online course they created.

In this MasterClass, you are going to learn how to validate the idea for your online course BEFORE you create it.

After you validate your online course idea, you can move forward knowing you are creating a profitable online course, and saving a lot of time and money.

Let’s work together to figure out if there is a need, or market for your online course BEFORE you create it, OK?

All attendees will receive a worksheet that goes along with...

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How to Create your Online Course in Kajabi [Mini-Course]



In this free mini-course, I'll provide you with detailed, step by step instructions and demonstrate exactly how to create your online course inside of Kajabi. 

(Yes, it's free, without the requirement to opt in to watch it!  In exchange, I would SO appreciate it if you could provide your feedback in the comments below! And, please feel free to share this video with people that you feel would benefit from it. Thank you in advance.)

I will teach you how to:

  • Create the framework for your course (Modules, Lessons, etc)
  • Select the right theme for your course
  • Brand your course (Logo, font, colors and images)
  • Upload your course content (Videos, audio, text, downloads)
  • Manage your Online Course once completed

I hope that this free mini-course has given you the confidence and...
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