How to Create your Online Course in Kajabi [Mini-Course]



In this free mini-course, I'll provide you with detailed, step by step instructions and demonstrate exactly how to create your online course inside of Kajabi. 

(Yes, it's free, without the requirement to opt in to watch it!  In exchange, I would SO appreciate it if you could provide your feedback in the comments below! And, please feel free to share this video with people that you feel would benefit from it. Thank you in advance.)

I will teach you how to:

  • Create the framework for your course (Modules, Lessons, etc)
  • Select the right theme for your course
  • Brand your course (Logo, font, colors and images)
  • Upload your course content (Videos, audio, text, downloads)
  • Manage your Online Course once completed

I hope that this free mini-course has given you the confidence and...
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Run your Entire Online Expert Business on Kajabi

As an expert, entrepreneur or thought leader, Kajabi makes it easy for you to modernize your expertise so you can offer it online and create a freedom business.  You can work where you want, when you want.  You won't have a cap on your income and you can serve more people online than you can serve in person.

Kajabi is an all in one business platform that gives you ALL the tools you need to sell what you know online.  Before I started using Kajabi in 2013 I used multiple products and tools, and I had to hire a developer to make them all work together, and to fix things when they broke.  It was extremely frustrating, and very costly.

Now, I simply log in to a single dashboard to run my entire business, and because everything is in one place, it all runs smoothly.  When I have a question or challenge, I can get help quickly via Live Chat.  That means I save time and no longer have to hire developers so I can spend more time and money marketing my...

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