The new ten pound note from the Bank of England has the image of Jane Austen.  Except the Queen, Jane is the only woman represented on a British bank note.    … Read More

I have a gout attack today, in the left wrist. If anyone wonders how it feels, it feels like my wrist is broken. (My first attack was in my right wrist, and I actually went for X-rays thinking I’d broken it in my sleep.) I take medicine, so I only get an attack once every… Read More

In the past 21 months, I’ve completed four fantasy books (under my other name) of 155K, 135K, 136K, and 77K words, without working hard enough to stress me out. I finished Mr. Harding Proposes in the 30 days of Nano. So, yes, I write fast, and I sometimes worry that fellow writers in the Facebook and… Read More

Today I watched the BBC version of the Shakespeare play Troilus and Cressida, one of the few Shakespeare plays I haven’t read or seen before. Just for the record, I was baffled by it. I expected a romance, which it definitely wasn’t. I expected it to be a story about Troilus and Cressida, which it… Read More

My old hosting service was bought out by another company. I didn’t realize this until I tried to get some help. I wanted to make my main page part of my WordPress, so my WordPress installation had to be moved. That’s when I found out that my only option to get help was chat, that… Read More