Harriet’s story is off to the publisher today. It’s impossible to describe the mix of excitement and depression that I feel when I send that final copy to the publisher. It’s not mine any more. It belongs to the world. What if no one likes it? This is an emotional soup that I’d be willing… Read More

Harry’s story has a tentative title at last – The Wynters: Harriet Disguised. Here are the cover and the blurbs:   Short blurb: When Harriet Wynter learns that her brother Sebastian is in trouble, she dashes to his rescue, dressed as a boy. Almost immediately her ruse is uncovered by a man she accidentally falls in… Read More

I finished the edits for Harry’s story today. It wont be ready to send to the publisher until my roomie reads the last 90+ pages, which will take her to Saturday. But in the meantime, I will write the blurbs and create the cover. Next? Sebastian’s story, which is about 1/5 written. I want to… Read More

I wish I could come up for a title for this book. At the moment, it’s just The Wynters: Harry’s story, and the sequel is, unimaginatively, The Wynters: Sebastian’s story.  But whatever it will end up being called, I am beginning my final edits today. I had an excellent beta reader for this story, and I’m incorporating… Read More

I spent today trying to prep Saving Foxwood for my publisher. Here’s the cover (tentative until their pro does an official one) and the short and long blurbs: Short blurb: Ellen Trent is desperate to save her beloved home Foxwood from being sold, even to the point where she will marry beneath herself. Nicholas is the… Read More