I’ve added two fantastic new resources to my Resources page. The first is Regency History, a blog by author Rachel Knowles. I discovered this site when I was trying to find a trivial fact (i.e., the year Brummell left the Hussars). I’d looked in my usual places with no luck, which I thought was bad luck until… Read More

Harriet’s story is off to the publisher today. It’s impossible to describe the mix of excitement and depression that I feel when I send that final copy to the publisher. It’s not mine any more. It belongs to the world. What if no one likes it? This is an emotional soup that I’d be willing… Read More

In the past 21 months, I’ve completed four fantasy books (under my other name) of 155K, 135K, 136K, and 77K words, without working hard enough to stress me out. I finished Mr. Harding Proposes in the 30 days of Nano. So, yes, I write fast, and I sometimes worry that fellow writers in the Facebook and… Read More

My alter-ego, Kathy Ann Trueman, has been hogging all our writing time for the past… well, let’s just say a long time. Since the last time she let me pick up the pen, she has written four books set in her world of the Vale. As much as I enjoy her fantasy stories, I’d really… Read More

Recently, in one of the Facebook writers’ groups I’m in, I read a post by a person who was really upset at the idea that, to quote the most famous example, “The first draft of anything is sh*t.” She took that literally and was upset at the idea that she should spend her time and… Read More