• Any romance by Georgette Heyer. My personal favorites are The Reluctant Widow, which is deliciously funny, and Cotillion, which has a delightful, unlikely hero.
  • Jane Austen’s novels. They are classics for a good reason.
  • The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Jane Aiken Hodge. For a biography, it is a quick and entertaining read, yet full of facts.
  • Jane Austen: The World of Her Novels by Deirdre Le Faye. A small treasure chest for the Regency writer, the first half being a succinct guide to most aspects of the period.

Other Regency romance writers that I enjoy are Fiona Hill, Clare Darcy, and Marion Devon.


  • A&E’s Pride and Prejudice – The best-regarded version of this book, for good reason. The production values are excellent. Good casting, too, with the exception of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who was too old. Special mention: Colin Firth, wet from the lake, really enlivened my favorite scene from the book.
  • The BBC’s Pride and Prejudice – A sprightlier and more literary version than A&E’s, without the lush production, but with an excellent actress for Elizabeth Bennett, and an even better Lady Catherine. Special mention: Elizabeth Garvie as Elizabeth, in any scene.
  • BBC Films’ Persuasion – Considered an excellent film by any standards. Casting and production are both terrific (although Sir Walter Elliott isn’t as handsome as he should be). Special mention: You suffer with poor Anne through the entire film, and get a wonderful pay-off in the last few scenes.
  • Columbia Pictures’ Sense and Sensibility – An Oscar for the screenplay says much, and this is a terrific film. The cast is a bit over-age, but I can find no other fault in them – all were superb. Special mention: Elinor’s breakdown when she realizes Edward is not married after all. Awww.
  • BBC TV miniseries Sense and Sensibility ~ This is an excellent adaptation of the novel, with the strength of a miniseries in that little is left out for time constraints. A good cast, good direction, and the most gorgeous photography! Special mention: The opening scene is Willoughby seducing Brandon’s ward – it’s tastefully done, but it wakes you up!
  • Masterpiece Theater’s Northanger Abbey – The screenplay changes the book quite a bit, and the characters of the Thorpes are thrown away, but this is still a very good version of this story. Special mention: Finally, my favorite Austen hero has an actor I liked in the role!
  • In addition, we have Lost in Austen – A modern girl switches places with Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice, tries to help, and causes mayhem. Sounds silly, and is silly, but it has an appealing heroine and is great fun.

Hall of Infamy ~ I want to warn you away from the Biography Channel’s bio of Jane Austen. It is atrocious. It consists primarily of visits to Austen lovers (not so bad) and a lonnnng ad for a Bollywood film, and it provides almost no details of Austen’s life.

Other favorites:

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