Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

ISBN: 9781411634428
Sometimes, a man and a woman find that being best friends can put a real crimp in a romance.

Mr. Richard Harding is an eligible bachelor who never gave a thought to changing his single state, until one day he looked twice at the neighborhood girl he’d helped to raise. Georgiana has grown into a beautiful young woman who has gradually wound herself into his heart. He finally summons up enough courage to ask for her hand in marriage – and she thinks he’s joking with her. He and Georgie had always been on comfortable, easy terms, but even so, that hurt!

Still, he persists, believing that some day, in some way, he will find the words to make her believe that he really does wish to marry her.

Intelligent, spirited Georgiana Rowland never met a young man who didn’t bore her to tears within a few weeks – with the exception of her childhood friend, Richard Harding. She depends on Richard for friendship and advice, and never moreso than now, for Georgie is a young lady with a lot on her plate. She is helping her mother bring her younger sister into society. She has made friends with Lady Shipton, an ex-actress her mother has strictly forbidden her to even recognize. In London, an infamous rake is pursuing her sister. And her beloved uncle, with whom they are staying for the Season, decides to do something scandalous for the first time in his life. Is it any wonder that she’s too distracted to see that Mr. Harding’s many proposals are serious?

One by one, Georgie wrestles with each of her problems, until she finally has to come to grips with the one problem closest to her heart – Mr. Harding’s proposal.

“What a delightful traditional Regency romance you’ve written….I like how you’ve made Mr. Richard Harding adhere to the standards of regency conduct without turning him into either a rake or a stuffed shirt. And he’s not a Duke! Yippee!…Georgiana is a breath of fresh air as well.”
Dear Author

“I liked how Richard and Georgiana’s characters were described through their interactions and dialogue. Not only are we entertained by their lively discussions, but the reader also sees the length and depth of their friendship in such a way that one can easily imagine the development of a romance. Likewise, their separation tugs at the heartstrings…”
The Romance Reviews

“…a delightful historical romance with endearing primary and secondary characters, and an engaging plot. If you are a fan of romance, you will love this book!”
Readers’ Favorite

“Great characters and a ridiculous mother that would do Jane Austen proud.”