Saving Foxwood

Story: Saving Foxwood is a Pygmalion story about a young widow who is determined to save her home after her father and older brother leave her family nearly penniless, even if it means marrying a tradesman’s son. The tradesman is willing to help her with his immense fortune, but there’s a catch – she must introduce his son into Society . I think it’s a bit of a twist, since usually in these tales the impoverished noble person is male.

Status: Waiting a final rewrite using the suggestions from my beta-readers.



Untitled (Harriet Wynter’s story)

Story: Harriet Wynter is poised to make her debut into the ton. But when her beloved brother disappears and she fears for his safety, she impulsively dresses as a boy to go find him. She had an adventurous childhood and isn’t (much) afraid, but she is forced to accept the help of a man, the amiable Lord Ashurst – who is smarter than he looks. Then things get complicated.

Status: Completed, and being edited.



Untitled (Sebastian Wynter’s story)

Story: Back in England after being wounded at Waterloo, Sebastian is feeling depressed and directionless. He goes to his uncle in Kent for a short visit, and there he runs into an old friend (and ex-kidnapper), a rogue who provides him with all the adventure that he can possibly want. In addition, he meets the Cinderella-like Eugenia, who – although she is tongue-tied and klutzy around him – turns out to be just the woman he wants.

Status: In progress. Approx. 16,000 words so far.



Her Perfect Knight

Story: Lucinda falls in love with, and wins, the most handsome bachelor in London. However, she soon finds that her blissful engagement is the source of great pain to the people she loves most. Being a managing sort of girl, she sets about trying to right the wrong she inadvertently made. Each time she fails, she tries harder, until she finally ends up not only embarrassed and frustrated, but she also uncovers a scandalous family secret.

Status: About 3/4 done. I actually lost the last 1/4 (embarrassing for someone who backs things up as much as I do), so I have to rewrite it.