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WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRANSITION from 1:1 Coaching and Scale your Coaching business?

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Serve Unlimited Clients 

Enroll High Ticket Clients year-round 

Coach 5 Hours a Week

Enjoy LOTS of white space on your calendar

Multi 5-Figure Months

Scale income to Multi- 6 Figures?

Learn How I Scaled My One-on-One Coaching Business without sacrificing Client Results or my Freedom! 

I didn't have a large audience, do high pressure launches, or post 24/7 on social media. 
I made ALL the mistakes.

I was doing one-on-one coaching that clogged up my calendar with back-to-back calls. I was chained to my desk- exhausted and overwhelmed. 

I was serving clients ALL day, every Day.
I had no time for my family or myself.
I couldn't move the income needle past six-figures each year.

I thought the answer was to introduce low to mid ticket digital products (online courses and a membership) to my coaching business. I was wrong!

Since my calendar was completely full with one-on-one coaching I didn't have much time to market my digital products, or do the live launch models the celebrity gurus do.

Feeling trapped in a vicious circle, I found myself chasing costly "shiny objects" that killed my confidence and left me focusing on "busy work" every day.

I knew there had to be a better way...

I decided I was DONE selling low and mid-ticket offers.  I wanted to work work with LESS clients so I could get them even BETTER results.

I knew the transformation I was delivering my Clients was worthy of charging High Ticket for. In 2021 I hired two High Ticket Business Coaches to teach me how to scale my online coaching business with a High Ticket Group Program and an Evergreen Enrollment Funnel.

My Secret System for Scaling my Coaching Business

I did exactly what my High Ticket Business Coaches told me to do in order to INCREASE my prices to high ticket AND to transition from one to one, to one to many group coaching. 

First, I got rid of ALL of my low and mid ticket offers like a membership and several courses.

Then I went all in and created just TWO THINGS!

  • One Solid Premium Group Coaching Program (that is on rolling enrollment year round so I never have to launch.)
  • One Automated Lead Generation Funnel (so I get high ticket client applications every day.)

I had finally found a way to scale the number of clients I could serve, and increase my income without sacrificing client results or my freedom!

FAST FORWARD TO DAY:  I put my blood, sweat, and tears into creating a system so that you don't have to

It is called the The Scalable Group Coaching System¬†and it's only available inside my group coaching and Mastermind the¬†High Ticket Insiders¬ģ.

The Scalable Group Coaching System consists of the 3 essential Phases and 9 required Steps to create predictable, scalable coaching income where you only have to coach less than 5 hours a week.

The key is that takes all 9 Steps working together in a specific order.

My Scalable Group Coaching System allowed me to finally achieve my dream - complete time and financial freedom.  I now have an online coaching business that generates predictable, scalable revenue and allows me to be fully present for myself and my family.

If you want to learn more about my proprietary system that will help you ditch your one-on-one coaching calls and only have to coach less than 5 hours a week, then I'd love to chat with you!  Click below to learn more!

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