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I Help Experts Package and Sell their Expertise Online 


Hi, I'm Catherine Dove!

I can help you create online products and programs so you can stop trading time for money, serve more people, an increase your income.


Hi, I'm Catherine Dove!

I'm here to show you how you can stop trading time for money, serve more people, and increase your income.

It's time to "modernize" your expertise so you can "monetize" it online. 

I’m the creator of the Modern Day Expert™ and I'm so glad you stopped by because I want to help you create an Online Expert Business so that you can create more income and impact in the world with what you know. 

  • I believe that your business experience, or life experience has a far greater value than you can even begin to comprehend.
  • I believe that you were meant for more than you've imagined and are capable of creating the life you deserve and a business you love.  
  • I believe that you can package your expertise and sell it via online programs without any online experience. 

If I can do it, you can too. I've generated well over 7 figures packaging and selling my expertise and knowledge online.

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