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I help Coaches, Consultants and Course Creators create and scale their Signature Program into a 6 or 7 figure online business without stressful live launches, having a large audience, or complicated funnels  


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Devin Stubblefield with Stubblefield Training & Coaching

Jan 04, 2023

Lori Becker with Encore Coaching

Jan 04, 2023

Barrie Pressley with Zone Mastery

Jan 04, 2023


Hi, I'm Catherine!

After traveling across the country sharing my expertise in person I was exhausted and never wanted to set foot in a hotel, oron a plane again.

I knew there had to be a better way so I worked day and night to figure out how to scale my expertise online.

After twenty long years of trial and error (and a lot of tears) I finally figured it out. 

I achieved financial and location freedom after creating a system to scale signature programs from scratch.

Now I help Coaches, Consultants and Course Creators create and scale their own high ticket signature programs using my proprietary Signature Program Scale System. 

If you want to turn your signature program into a profitable 6- or 7-figure online business without ever launching again, I'd like to invite you to join myself, and other High Ticket Scalers inside the Scale High Ticket Community

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