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Are you tired of struggling finding clients, high pressure launches, setting up complicated funnels, or hustling on social media 24/7 to grow your Coaching business?


An Implementation Coaching & Mastermind that helps established Coaches, Consultants, and Experts install my end-to-end solution- the High Ticket Scale System so you can coach less than 5 hours a week while sustainably scaling your established coaching business to multi- 5 Figure months.

Book a High Ticket Strategy Session

a High Ticket Group Program

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to multi-Five Figure Months

9 Steps in 90 Days

No More Back to Back Coaching Calls that leave you Exhausted and Overwhelmed

End to End Scalable Coaching Business Solution

In the High Ticket Scale System we will help you create and launch an evergreen High Ticket Group Coaching Program. That means you don't have to teach your coaching curriculum over and over live because it will be available on demand.  All you'll need to do is show up once a week to provide live coaching support and answer questions online in your Coaching Community.

Next, we will also help you build your Evergreen Enrollment Funnel.  This includes the lead magnets to fill your pipeline, and all the nurture email sequences to build authority and pre-sell prospects so they book an enrollment call with you.  

That's It!
Drive traffic to your new Funnel and enjoy multi-5 Figure Months coaching less than 5 hours a week! 
YES! I want to generate multi- 5 Figure Months in my Coaching Business 


In just 45 minutes we will tackle the following together:


We'll examine your current online coaching business and help you uncover what you could create as a High Ticket Group Coaching offer.


We will walk through my 9 Step High Ticket Scale System to put together a plan of action so you can reach your group coaching goals. 


We'll share the investment and work required for you install the High Ticket Scale System to generate multi 5-Figures online.


I won't allow people to join the High Ticket Insiders unless I am extremely confident I can help them get results!


It IS a good fit IF:

  • You have a track record of¬†getting clients results¬†with your expertise.
  • You are willing to charge¬†at least $3k or more for your evergreen High Ticket Group Coaching Program.
  • You are willing to do the heavy lifting for 90 days in exchange for future time and financial freedom.¬†


It IS NOT a good fit IF:

  • You don't already have an established ONLINE coaching or consulting business.
  • You aren't already generating AT LEAST¬†$5,000 a month in your online coaching or consulting business.
  • You are¬†not comfortable using common tech services and tools required for an online business.¬†

YES! You Can Do this!

It's Never Been Easier...

All you need is a proven roadmap to follow, implementation support as you complete each step and a collaborative coaching community to cheer you on!


A proven, step by step method coupled with comprehensive training and required Done-For-You Assets. 


A special blend of world class 1:1 attention, hand holding, small group coaching, and accountability you need.


A collaborative Community where you have daily access to get your questions answered as you do the work! 

Just a Few High Ticket Group Coaching Programs...

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Hi there, I'm Catherine!

Thank you for your interest in my High Ticket Scale System! I have been scaling my expertise online for OVER two decades (back when we used telephone dial up for the internet and AOL for our email!)

After generating multi Seven Figures with my online training and education company in the Financial Services niche, I sold it in 2016 and since then have been working with Coaches, Consultants and Experts to help them scale their expertise online. 

During the Covid pandemic, I transitioned to helping my one-on-one clients leverage their income with High Ticket Group Coaching Programs. I became overwhelmed and burnt out so I decided to transition to a one to many, evergreen group coaching model. 

I decided I wanted to sustainably scale my business with my own Group Coaching and Mastermind so after a 15 month beta testing of the High Ticket Scale System, I founded the High Ticket Insiders that is open for enrollment year-round.