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Generate leads for your high ticket group program

Generate Leads for your High Ticket Group Program

high ticket lead magnets Feb 03, 2024

In order to enroll clients into your High Ticket Group Program it is critical that you can clearly communicate the outcome your program helps people achieve. This outcome is usually a painful life or business problem they are struggling with.

For example: In my High Ticket Insiders program, I help Coaches, Creators and Experts create scalable income with a High Ticket Group Program.

Here are some examples of desired outcomes my clients help their clients get: lose weight, reduce stress, increase their credit score, find their soulmate, land speaking opportunities, etc.

Once you have nailed YOUR client's desired outcome for your High Ticket Group Program it is easier to enroll people that have that problem because you are speaking directly to their pain.

However, in order to enroll people into your High Ticket Group Program, you need to generate LEADS, right?

Today's tip will help you generate MORE LEADS for your High Ticket Group Program!

Every time you create a piece of content marketing for your business (social media posts, recording podcasts, writing blog posts, doing Facebook Lives, etc.) I want you to figure out how to WEAVE IN the desired results you can help clients get. (Hint- I did it in the 2nd paragraph of this post.)

When you CONSISTENTLY talk about the desired results you help people get in every price of content that you write- you will turn each piece of content into a LEAD GENERATION OPPORTUNITY.

You will start attracting your ideal clients into your High Ticket Funnel, and you will also repel clients that are not a good fit.

YOUR HOMEWORK: Starting today and going forward- I want you figure out how to integrate the results you help people achieve in EVERY. PIECE. OF. CONTENT. that you write.

After all, creating content marketing is NOT easy, so if you are going to do it, don't you want to generate leads for your High Ticket Group Program?

Of course you do!



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