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Welcome to the Modern Day Expertâ„¢ Podcast: Trailer

Welcome to the Modern Day Expert™ Podcast.

I am so glad you’re here. I’m Catherine Dove, online business entrepreneur and founder of the Experts Business Club where I have the pleasure of helping subject matter experts modernize their expertise so they can monetize it online.  

I created the Modern Day Expert Podcast because I believe your message has a million dollar value once you learn how to share it online with a global audience just like I’ve done.

Every Tuesday, I’ll release new episodes sharing actionable tactics and strategies to help you embrace your expertise so you can create an Online Expert Business that helps you live a life you love.

Every now and again I’ll also drop bonus episodes, and I’ll invite guests to the show to share their expertise and successes with you.

If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast, read transcripts, access downloads I refer to on an episode, or simply catch up on previous episodes...

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How to Create a Value Stack for Your Website & Sales Pages [Workshop Replay]

Register to watch the replay.  Please note you will be subscribed to my email list, but you can unsubscribe at anytime.

Join Certified StoryBrand Guide, Russ Stalters, and myself to learn how to increase conversions on your website, and sales pages.

One of the critical sections you need on your website or sales page is something that explains the value you will deliver for your customer when they buy your product or service. This section is known as a Value Stack and is the part of your page that explains the three significant benefits they will get.

During this free training Russ Stalters, Certified StoryBrand Guide, will show you how to create the Value Stack for your website or sales page, talk about other ways you can use this powerful marketing component, and take your questions.

About Russ Stalters
Russ is a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

Russ Stalters was the guy BP selected for the information and data management strategy after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Day after day...
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Should I create an Online Course or a Membership Site? [Workshop Replay]

 About This Workshop

If you have been considering creating a digital product so you can monetize your expertise you have probably considered creating an online course or a membership site. Or, maybe both!

There are quite a few variables to consider when making the right choice for you, your potential customers and your online business.

Join me in this free workshop where I will walk you through the main differences between an online course and a membership site.

We will walk through the pros and cons of both so you know which one makes sense for you. We will also cover the income opportunities for both of them so you can make an educated decision on which one makes sense for you.

Next, we will work together and answer any questions you have and discuss what you are considering creating in your business so you can get feedback from all of the workshop attendees.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear understanding on the differences between these two digital products and...
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Why I Am So Grateful for the Failures in My Online Business

Some of the things we do in our online business such as launching a new program, presenting on a webinar, or running paid ads may work as planned and are a tremendous success. 
However, they may also be an incredibly disappointing failure causing you to doubt yourself and maybe even throw in the towel on your online business.  (Ask me how I know this!)
Having made a living online since 1999, I am sure that I would win a prize for all of my failures!  In fact, I would probably win a blue ribbon as I would be in first place with the amount of failures I've experienced.
As you continue reading, you will discover how I went from being disappointed, frustrated, (and sometimes angry) with my failures to being proud and incredibly grateful for these failures. 
I am sharing this with you because you may have just experienced an epic failure and need to hear what I have to say.  I want to shortcut your path to success in your online...
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How to Validate your Online Course Idea [MasterClass Replay]


If you are considering creating an online course, I highly recommend that you validate your course idea BEFORE you create it. So many people spend a lot of time and money creating their online course and then are extremely disappointed when they are not able to sell it.

Once they realize no one is purchasing their online course, they second guess what they are charging for it, or spend a lot of money trying to market it. When in fact, the reality may be that there is not a need, or market for the online course they created.

In this MasterClass, you are going to learn how to validate the idea for your online course BEFORE you create it.

After you validate your online course idea, you can move forward knowing you are creating a profitable online course, and saving a lot of time and money.

Let’s work together to figure out if there is a need, or market for your online course BEFORE you create it, OK?

All attendees will receive a worksheet that goes along with...

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Create Gorgeous Graphics for your Online Expert Business with the Template Tribe


Graphics are used in your Online Expert Business every single day! 

Every time you turn around, you will need gorgeous graphics that not only represent you and your brand, but also resonate with your ideal clients.

If you are like most seasoned professionals, or subject matter experts I work with, you probably haven’t been spending the last few years brushing up on your graphic creation skills.  My guess is that you've probably been working on far more more important things!  

When it comes to creating graphics, you can absolutely hire someone to create them for you.  I’ve tried to do that in the past.  I wasted a lot of time and money doing it.  I could never find a graphic designer that could capture the look and feel that I wanted.  Not to mention that it was costly because there are so many types of graphics that we need in our Online Expert Business.

Canva is is a great tool that makes it easy for us to create our own...

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How to Create your Online Course in Kajabi [Mini-Course]



In this free mini-course, I'll provide you with detailed, step by step instructions and demonstrate exactly how to create your online course inside of Kajabi. 

(Yes, it's free, without the requirement to opt in to watch it!  In exchange, I would SO appreciate it if you could provide your feedback in the comments below! And, please feel free to share this video with people that you feel would benefit from it. Thank you in advance.)

I will teach you how to:

  • Create the framework for your course (Modules, Lessons, etc)
  • Select the right theme for your course
  • Brand your course (Logo, font, colors and images)
  • Upload your course content (Videos, audio, text, downloads)
  • Manage your Online Course once completed

I hope that this free mini-course has given you the confidence and...
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Meet Phil Blackman, Harvard MBA

Introducing Phil Black, creator of PrepWell Academy

I am really excited to introduce you to another #moderndayexpert that has taken his expertise and packaged it online to help kids prepare for college.

Phil Black is the creator of PrepWell Academy which is an innovative approach to preparing high school students (and their parents) for the rigors of the college admissions process. His unique program is delivered online and focuses on the early preparation of students (freshman and sophomore year) interested in attending highly-selective colleges (e.g. Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, etc.), military service academies (e.g. Naval Academy, West Point, etc.), and those seeking athletic or ROTC scholarships.

Over the past three decades, Phil Black has built a record of unique accomplishments including: DI college athlete, Navy SEAL Officer, Goldman Sachs Investment Banker, bootstrap entrepreneur, 2X Shark Tank contestant, Performance Coach at Johnson & Johnson, firefighter,...

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HauteStock can help you create a beautiful brand for your Online Expert Business

When we build an online expert business so we can monetize our expertise online we need to build a brand that attracts our ideal customers.
If you are like most experts, and entrepreneurs that I work with, your expertise is NOT branding or graphic design. Nor should it be! You've spent years accumulating valuable information and creating methodologies to help people in your niche, not learning how to create beautiful brands.
I was just like you.  I had never created my own brand before, so when I discovered about 3 years ago I realized that I could create a beautiful brand at an affordable price. is a subscription program that offers a gorgeous library of thousands of high-quality images and design assets for female business owners.
Here are just a FEW of the ways you can use the style stock photos on
  • Create social media posts
  • Create blog banners
  • Launch your website
  • Create beautiful presentations
  • Create...
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Run your Entire Online Expert Business on Kajabi

As an expert, entrepreneur or thought leader, Kajabi makes it easy for you to modernize your expertise so you can offer it online and create a freedom business.  You can work where you want, when you want.  You won't have a cap on your income and you can serve more people online than you can serve in person.

Kajabi is an all in one business platform that gives you ALL the tools you need to sell what you know online.  Before I started using Kajabi in 2013 I used multiple products and tools, and I had to hire a developer to make them all work together, and to fix things when they broke.  It was extremely frustrating, and very costly.

Now, I simply log in to a single dashboard to run my entire business, and because everything is in one place, it all runs smoothly.  When I have a question or challenge, I can get help quickly via Live Chat.  That means I save time and no longer have to hire developers so I can spend more time and money marketing my...

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