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High Ticket Group Programs only need 3 Deliverables

high ticket group program Mar 06, 2024

When you are designing and pricing your High Ticket Group Program imposter syndrome might rear its ugly head. 

When that happens, you will find yourself wanting to add lots of deliverables and bonuses to justify the high price tag and make more sales because you "think" it is what your clients want.


After I transitioned from selling low and mid ticket courses, memberships, etc. I quickly learned that LESS IS MORE when it comes to a High Ticket Group Program. In fact, after creating online courses, memberships, VIP Days, etc. for the last two decades I would argue that a High Ticket Group Program is in fact, the easiest online product to create! 

When you are offering a High Ticket Offer, you do not need to create the infamous "VALUE STACK". 

The Value Stack is a common internet marketing strategy where you have to work hard to build value to make your offer a no-brainer offer.  For example, you would have a list of 39 deliverables (miscellaneous items you are throwing into the offer) where you come up with a made up "valued at" price for each item.  When you add the grand total of all the deliverables you can come up with a grand total of a ridiculous price of $24,000 for your offer you are selling for only $997.   (Who really believes the legitimacy of the value you place on each item, when we all know we are pulling the price from thin air. 🤣)

With a High Ticket offer- it is not about all the deliverables.  It is about the RESULT (painful life or business problem) that your offer solves.

High ticket buyers have more money than time.  

They can afford to pay a high ticket for your program, but in exchange they want to solve their painful life or business problem AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

They do NOT have time to consume 39 deliverables that will take a lot of time.  They also want direct access to you in the form of asking you questions, implementation support, peer feedback, etc.

In my High Ticket Scale System, I deliver my program- and teach my clients how to design a High Ticket Group Program that gets results with only THREE DELIVERABLES.  These deliverables are quick and easy to consume. 

  1. On Demand Coaching Curriculum
  2. Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  3. Coaching Community

BONUS POINTS: Using this model allows you to leverage your time, and scale your High Ticket Group Program because you can easily run it in just a few hours a week. 

That is it!  Assuming you are solving a painful life or business problem and have gotten people results in the past you can charge high ticket without feeling like a fraud by delivering a High Ticket Group Program with just these 3 deliverables.




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